Teach My Kid to Read tells stories and creates content about learning differences. Our content is intended to raise awareness as well as offer solutions.

We  currently have content and media planned in the following categories:

  • Our Stories-We are Here
  • Interviews & Perspectives
  • The Educational System & Learning Differences
  • Adoption & Learning Differences
  • Social-Emotional Learning & Learning Differences
  • Educational Technology & Learning Differences

In order to promote awareness and support advocacy, we plan to build up our base of personal stories, “Personal Stories-We are Here,” and catalog them by state. “You’re Amazing,” recognizes and honors kids with dyslexia and reading differences for all of their hard work by featuring a story each week that documents their achievements and then awards them a certificate.

In addition to our traditional content initiatives, Teach My Kid to Read works with partners in K-12 and higher education on a project basis to offer curricular and publishing solutions that will enable more teachers to be trained to work with students with reading differences.

Teach My Kid to Read is a nonprofit corporation. In the spring of 2018, Teach My Kid to Read will launch a fundraising team to support all of the great work being done to improve the lives of kids with dyslexia and reading differences.