What We Do

Teach My Kid to Read’s mission is to provide teachers with the tools they need to teach kids with dyslexia the way they need to learn. Teach My Kid to Read works with partners in K-12 and higher education to research barriers to teacher training and develop educational solutions that enable more teachers to have access to research-based content. Teach My Kid to Read has a fundraising team that further supports this mission by supporting organizations and initiatives that provide training in structured reading programs to K-12 teachers.

In order to create awareness and support advocacy, Teach My Kid to Read creates innovative content about reading issues and learning differences. Our content is methodically organized into broad categories each with specific goals. For example, the goal of “Our Stories-We are Here,” is to aggregate and personalize the challenges that families who have with kids with reading differences face within the educational system. These stories can be used for advocacy and to support more state bills for dyslexia. You can read more about the content categories here.